The Concept

The Franzine is a series of misfortunes, improvised adventures and things found in-between.

It portrays life through the eyes of two ordinary people, adds a pinch of random anecdotes and hints on where to have the best brunches, how to fix broken things and when it is socially acceptable to say swear words. It follows two human beings with ideas, casually traveling where their feet lead to, stopping in cafés, staying up late drinking wine and talking life while trying to get their shit together. Often in different corners of the world and writing when something happens, when sleep doesn’t come or to get that attitude of knowing where we’re headed.

Just like that.

Francesca is all about looking at things and adapting to circumstances, spending halves an hour approximately folding random clothes into a backpack. She’s impulse and messy hair, you’ll most likely find her at concerts, flea markets or the seaside.

Pauline is drive toward what’s new, grabbing the moment and getting what’s best about every tiny thing, no matter if it’s a crowded hostel room or freezing nights. She’s got a thing for road-trips, early mornings in cafés and discovering good songs.

The Franzine is a diary, a collective piece of art if you want.

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