3 Steps to embrace your helplessness or suck it up and keep rowing

It is said that pain in life is quite inevitable – no matter how much you can afford to spend on tequila on a night out or how little doses of small pleasures your morality allows you to indulge in. Pain, problems and all sorts of almost broken toes from stumbling in the night because… Continue reading 3 Steps to embrace your helplessness or suck it up and keep rowing

a pinch of flirt

There are times when going with the flow of this 5-second politeness before scrolling left in a dating app, picking the not-so-environmentally-friendly foods and posting another self-promoting photo to stack some thumbs ups and feed your confidence, all make you feel like an empty nutshell. It's easy, it's efficient and it's time-saving adding a pinch of pepper… Continue reading a pinch of flirt


Brixton, London | October 2016 If you wake up and feel the need to cut a glimmer in your routine of faces, change the taste of your breakfast and the combination of colors you wear - indulge in unbeaten paths, cut your hair and try a new restaurant; buy a new pair of sneakers, a cup of… Continue reading getaway