like water for ideas

There’s a weird light shed on absence, A sort of intriguing masochism moving your days in this constant crave for finding yourself, your place in the world, a meaning to your days. But what if this morbid hunger was nothing but a mere distraction from the bigger picture, from real things you miss along the… Continue reading like water for ideas

all things are fickle when your room is naked and the shoes are tied

I've spent the past two weeks packing and folding in the most approximate way and sitting on suitcases to close them and unpacking and unfolding and dusting off things I've been collecting for the past few years and then looked at all I had and all it was were a couple heavy boxes filled with… Continue reading all things are fickle when your room is naked and the shoes are tied

guide on finding a not-so prince charming

Pauline Rocchia - January 2017, U.K. Lately, I have been thinking about love and relationships. Why is it that so many women end up heartbroken and hopeless in love? Why can’t we just focus on ourselves instead of looking for a perpetual flirt or partner? I am definitely not an expert on the matter, but here… Continue reading guide on finding a not-so prince charming