banana bread

I’m no expert in the matter of solid relations and long-term matters, but there are a couple things I’ve learnt by going wrong. And these may sound trivial – like extracts taken from motivational books with an old cover -, but they’re something good to keep tight to when things get too real. And what I’ve learnt is that all things are a mess, you just have to learn where to hide them.

stubbornness, naivety and indulges

I’ve never been sure about how things work – not because I can’t understand the rules of the game, but because I always end up getting lost in my mind when someone reads them out loud, sets the boundaries and draws the lines. I’m not sure if it’s a matter of stubbornness, curiosity or the… Continue reading stubbornness, naivety and indulges

to find home // a monologue

Paris, March 2017 I went back home for a couple of days, and a word kept on coming up in my mind. Home.  After living around for more than two years, back and forth between places, going back where I grew up always gives me an odd sentiment, a mixture of bitterness and promptness. You… Continue reading to find home // a monologue

stockholm // 48 hours

Pauline and Francesca | Stockholm, February 2017 On a midweek day, we decided to take off to Stockholm, as simple as that.     10 hours, two buses, one plane and a Mexican lunch later, we arrived at our hostel and left our backpacks before getting lost in the city. This was our main activity, randomly wandering… Continue reading stockholm // 48 hours

check please 

November 2016, English Days There aren't many things I can say I'm sure of, and I certainly won't be the one person pretending I've got the truth in my hands. But if there's something I'm pretty confident about is that if you want something - a year off routine to figure out what's next, a… Continue reading check please 

home from home

What difference does it make if they like v-neck t-shirts or dress their pasta with ketchup? Nor it bothers if they are cat-people or wear furs, if they are vegans or meat-lovers, if they complain about the wind and don't like your shoes. It doesn't matter if they like boys, older women or if they… Continue reading home from home

rusty chair and smoking coffee

I would be happy Just sitting on a rusty chair With my stare Lost In your moves. In the morning, then, You can take your mask off I will make coffee. I will wait for you right there Halfway between this coffee and the time that separates us. ///////////// Mi piacerebbe starmene li, seduta, su… Continue reading rusty chair and smoking coffee