all good things take time

And in those raw days, when everything starts to crash and you can’t remember those details that slow your breath down, hold this thought tight – you’re here, now, and it’s not the places you’ve been, the people you shared the sheets with or the times you drowned your eyes in that make you, you. What matters is if you’re ready to let yourself try, and sometimes it’s good to let some homework in the hands of fate.

banana bread

I’m no expert in the matter of solid relations and long-term matters, but there are a couple things I’ve learnt by going wrong. And these may sound trivial – like extracts taken from motivational books with an old cover -, but they’re something good to keep tight to when things get too real. And what I’ve learnt is that all things are a mess, you just have to learn where to hide them.

all things are fickle when your room is naked and the shoes are tied

I've spent the past two weeks packing and folding in the most approximate way and sitting on suitcases to close them and unpacking and unfolding and dusting off things I've been collecting for the past few years and then looked at all I had and all it was were a couple heavy boxes filled with… Continue reading all things are fickle when your room is naked and the shoes are tied