banana bread

I’m no expert in the matter of solid relations and long-term matters, but there are a couple things I’ve learnt by going wrong. And these may sound trivial – like extracts taken from motivational books with an old cover -, but they’re something good to keep tight to when things get too real. And what I’ve learnt is that all things are a mess, you just have to learn where to hide them.

amsterdam | on improvisation, getting lost and found

I'm not quite sure if it's because of the weather messing around with my days, of the lack of sleep or the compensation with caffeine, but improvisation seems to be flavor of the month and there's nothing more exciting than not knowing what's there at the next corner you turn. I've been living in Amsterdam… Continue reading amsterdam | on improvisation, getting lost and found

unroot and water again

Amsterdam | April, 2017 It is said that once you set free from the roots chaining you to a place, then everything else will follow. Sure, not all will turn out to be long sunsets and open bars - but if you're ready to experiment a bit, you'll realize how much there's out there to be… Continue reading unroot and water again