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Milano Fashion Week 2018

CORNERS, TRAVEL January 15, 2018

January 2018

On our usual sushi night, my friend Giorgia and I decided we’d go to Milano Fashion Week the following day.


7.30am, alarm, get in her red Fiat 500, sing karaoke and drink coffee from a thermos. Drive to Navigli.

We walked to the White Show and dived into Miao Ran‘s design, wore our pretentious attitude and kept hydrated with white wine.

We attended a catwalk, walked Via Tortona and had an aperitif on Navigli.



We went there for the fashion shows, ended up bargaining silver earrings

and snake-shaped rings with a wildcat peddler.


It was a nice Saturday.


WHITE Show @ SuperStudioPiu


















Miao Ran Studio








Via Tortona, Sudan Bar





IMG_9266   Navigli















CORNERS, TRAVEL December 12, 2017



On the way back from a trip,

I ponder small revolutions – little does it matter if the time off was as little as a day or a whole year, little does it matter if we’re talking a new haircut, a drawing to get secretly inked on your skin or how to spend my next span of time.


On the way back from an interval of days, trivial weight of time taken off from early mornings and duty calls, I realized i’m too stubbornly ambitious to be taking myself so seriously, to spend my months chained to a cracked vynil playing the same day over and over and over. Alarm off at 7.27am, yoghurt, coffee, bike ride, tap in at the reception, kill time, more coffee, small talks in the elevator, tap out, bike ride, sleep.


Same tastes, same rhythm.

Word for word.


On the way back from this trip, bracket of days I let myself marvel at a city I’ve never loved. And there’s little as striking as washing all expectations away in the morning and enjoy the little things.  


So let impulse take over and show you how a pinch of self-confidence can start a fire in your eyes, in your chest, in your veins.


IMG_7561 .



Petersham Nurseries














House of Vans






















                                                                                        Look mum no hands !























CORNERS, TRAVEL November 15, 2017

Maybe because it’s autumn, And I let my bare feet walk on cold sand,


Maybe because I’ve been looking for an idea of life for so long, And drew it on sheets without lines confining the words,

Maybe because the salty air makes my eyes look greener, keener.

but on this endless beach, time marked by the waves, ruffling, breaking, readjusting,

Here I found what makes me feel mild, soft,


And it took so many steps and bets with luck and reading horoscopes to find this secret I’ve always been carrying in the pocket of my jacket,


To find home.




Praia da Barra







































CORNERS, TRAVEL November 12, 2017

I’m not sure if i laid my cards right,

If the flights i decided to take were good moves and if the masks I decided not to wear anymore will be the wind that’ll lead me where i want to be. But if there’s something I’m pretty sure of – and few are the things can call sure -, it is that at this precise time I’m at, I’m happy.


for god knows what weird combination of words and ideas, it feels like home.

Here, now.


And you can find me here,

at a corner cafe in a town I couldn’t paint by heart, faces I wouldn’t imagine any different,  the salty air blown by the ocean.

There’s this one thing I’ve learnt, in that space of time came out of a  kid’s dream, hanging mid-way between the passing of days and what is still to be done – like when you’re looking for something lost and find it in your pocket, and find it in the most unexpected place – you can find yourself at home. right there, where you’ve always been.


Because home isn’t a building dressed in white paint and drawers filled with cutlery and postcards.

It is tracing the curves of your skin at the end of the day, an afternoon walk to drink a coffee and letting the naivety of your eyes lead your way, thirsty for getting lost in cobblestone streets and unknown contours of hick towns, eyes to dive in at the end of a steep climb and words you finally found the courage to let slip out.


































































































CORNERS, TRAVEL October 7, 2017

Naples is raw.

But not one of those crudenesses people talk about.

It is raw in a secret way, but fiercely.


There’s no shame in its narrow streets where noises and perfumes mingle with the traffic and the rhythm of the waves blown by the wind.

Naples is a mother at the window making sure her son doesn’t get distracted while crossing the road,

it’s baked bread tickling the appetite, unexpectedly,

it is the blinking blue of the sea between one building and another, like labyrinths for people’s lives, their clothes hanging on threads,

for you to wander, walking with your snout in the air.

Naples is geometries braiding with houses,

something nobody would ever think of combining, but for some reason they fit, just perfectly.

It is the daring of colours and tastes, something that only painters and the mads would think together.

It is the market down the road and days made of simple things, a slower flow, warmer.

Naples is raw,

but it is in the crudeness of simplicity that we feel the most alive.

IMG_5369 copy



IMG_5373 copy


IMG_5367 (1) copy

Lungomare di Mergellina

IMG_5385 copy

IMG_5383    IMG_5388 (1)

IMG_5391 (1)


CORNERS, TRAVEL September 21, 2017

On a wednesday afternoon,

my mother and me decided to get in the car and go to Asolo.

One of those places that seem lost in time,

with small boutiques,

flower shops

and draper’s stores.


There are no tall buildings,

pretentiousness or rush.


So we spent the afternoon strolling in cobbled-streets,

sitting in the central square, talking life

and letting this piece of authenticity wonder us.



Because there’s little as striking as the beauty of simple things.








CORNERS, TRAVEL June 26, 2017

There’s an idea that’s been keeping me busy for a while,

and that is the worry of pleasing people

– those who comb their hair in the morning and pair socks before putting them in the drawer and build expectations instead of spending the waiting time playing games under the covers.

But there are moments when I realize how arranging plans and thoughts takes too long,

how many things are passing by and I don’t see them because too worried to tie my shoes and keep my back straight, blush when given a compliment and cross my legs under the table.

But I’m seeing how taking those tiny freedoms of being who I am and who i want to be are more important than making a good impression with people I don’t mind.

And little does it matter if these freedoms are as small as wearing sneakers,

last minute trips,

letting some swear words slip out of my mouth or going with the flow of fantasies that are not talked at fancy aperitifs on rooftops.
















So I went to Paris.

Not because I needed to,

but because I felt like it was time to cut the rope for a while.

As simple as that.

And 72 hours in a city my feet have already wandered through may sound trivial,

and sunsets undressing a silhouette of roofs may be found anywhere else,

but there’s something liberating in indulging in spontaneous trips,

late night conversations and slow mornings of coffee and art.





The best gift you can give yourself is to trust your guts,


and spontaneity may not sound as pretty as you see it while letting it lead the dance,

but there’s nothing better than the aftertaste of something unplanned.


So go on,

bite your nails,

shake your head and quit the idea that because it’s not a standard then it’s wrong.


There are no schemes.

Just be brave enough to follow what your guts tell you.


And if the aftermath doesn’t turn out to be good,

you can worry about it then.







  • Colette // All things nice, 213 Rue Saint Honoré
  • Eugène Eugène // Brunch, 38-40 Rue Eugène Eichenberger
  • Fondation Louis Vuitton // 8 Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi


CORNERS, TRAVEL April 4, 2017

Little does it matter where you’re headed as long as you go at it.

So give yourself some time,

sit in front of a blank page and doodle your thoughts,

what you like, what keeps you rolling and things will start taking a shape on their own.

All you need is to pause for a while and listen to your guts.

I spent the past few days on and off trains

and car rides and napping in between concerts and improvised meals,

but nothing makes me happier than experimenting.

So i traveled half the country for a concert of a group discovered the week before.

I ended up having a croissant in the middle of the night with strangers

and then driving through borders and staring at the landscape move out of the window.

I spent halves of hours looking at the sun setting the sky on fire when everything around was left still,

as if the whole world was holding its breath.














I’ve studied abandoned houses as works of art,

climbed hundreds of stairs and talked a bunch of different languages and dreamt projects and let people around listen and shape and teach me how the world goes from their perspective.

I let the salty air tangle my hair and as my gran used to say, breathed out all poison and breathed in freshness.


So let your hair dance in the wind,

you’ll find someone who’ll be happy to help you

untie those knots.

Little does it matter where you come from and at what pace you’re going as long as you keep on trying.

And your feet may hurt

and your eyes feel tired

but the best thing you can give yourself is to keep on rolling.