words for me

The advice I can give you is to stop thinking too much, focus on what you like about yourself, and stop being harsh on others the same way you’re hard on yourself. I know you’re afraid of what others think because they might judge, but who cares? Think beautiful, act beautiful.

Dive deep

Obstinately desiring the unloved, Fading away from the places we knew, Stubbornly wearing a grin on your mask.

Midnight thought

Pauline, May 2017 Don’t you ever get tired of listening to the rain pouring? Don’t you ever get tired of listening to meaningless speeches or trusting disloyal minds? Everything surrounding you being an illusion. Don’t you ever think that we all see things with a different perspective? We all have shit going on in our lives, …

Journey ahead

Open your eyes to the world, Stare for as long as you can, No one is looking. One soul among spirits, Lost in an ocean of minds. Hostage of your own masquerade, Long gone, in despair of the unknown, Hunting for something you ignore. Take the lead, before you drown Lost in an ocean of …

Shit Happens

Do you ever feel like sometimes life is a joke? You know, those moments when everything seems to go the wrong way and you start wondering if it’s because of something you’ve done, or if it’s just that your karma is in a bad mood. Everyone’s life can be tough, not all the time, not every …