'come on. say it. please'
hey guys what’s up ?


meet jonathan,

21-year old skater from somewhere near gent, whistling growlers songs 
while skating his ass off around the streets of europe and doing tricks 
i don't know how to pronounce.

also, he forced me to start our interview saying 'hey guys what’s up ?' 
and it felt very lame.
he swinged by amsterdam for a martini, a catch-up on life 
and to try the apple pie they sell down the road that’s been my topic of the month 
with everyone for the past five months. 
i truly like that apple pie.

so what do you want to talk about today ? 

‘interviews are not really my thing.’

so you’re a skater ? why not a blader ?

‘that’s a good question. blading is super cool, all those tricks. 
that's how you get the chicks.’

when and why did you start skating ? any broken bones or bad scars so far ?
‘in 2007. is this video thing working for real or you’re joking ? 
damn it's rolling. well, i got a playstation and my grandma bought me the tony hawk game,
you could unlock bonus videos promoting the brand shorties, 
it was pretty big back then. 
as a kid i wanted to try and flip the board in real life, slide down the handrail.
i've been quite lucky. i like jumping staircases but i haven't broken anything. 
the main thing was losing some skin during this one tour, i messed up my chin 
but scars play as a good icebreaker.’

and how’s it going now ? do you want to become a professional skater ?

‘that’d be sick. it’s nice to earn money doing things you like. 
right now i'm doing my best to get better at it, skating everyday. 
though i always forget to stretch. 
competition out there is tough, you have all these kids doing crazy 
tricks and all sorts of jumps just like that, making it look so natural. 
training plays a big part but you need to be lucky too, being at the right place 
at the right time, be seen by the right people and not acting too arrogant or too shy. 
people don't want to invest in someone who goes around and acts like a prick 
but you also have to get out there, take those headphones off and 
talk to who's around, skate together. you never know.’

do you want some peanuts ?  

‘i'll have some peanuts. is there more martini and juice ? 
california is pretty big for the skating scene, are you planning some trips there ? 
'i’d love to, but it’s expensive. that’d be (he whistled and i’m not sure 
how to write the sound of a whistle). 
i think these vans shoes are a bit too hipster so i only wear them in amsterdam.’

any advice for young skaters out there ?

‘i’m not good with advice. 
don’t drink too much. stay focused.'

the video ended with us stealing quotes from ali-g and other irrelevant details 
that made it a hell lot of fun of an interview. 
like me taking half an hour to learn how to say kickflip backside lipslide 
or serving peanuts, martini and juice for dinner.

keep it real kids.

all photos were shot by talented @joselitoverschaeve // 
good at taking pics, awful at choosing horror movies

you can have the best apple pie in the whole world at winkel43 - noordermarkt 43, 1015, amsterdam

stay tuned for recipes of food i don't cook and tips on how to have a diet made of thai food and vinos
but keeping it so casual that people think you've got your stuff together. 


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