unapologetically, be

i've been thinking lately that the most irrational moments, 
those that only make sense if kept as secrets inside your forehead, like a drunken kiss or a late night text, 
those you don’t want to organize into words because words always tangle all things soft, 
i've been thinking that those spaces of spontaneity should be the essence of your days.

and i'm not talking about listening to all pulses rooted in your stomach and blooming in your heart. 
and i'm not talking about spending the night with strangers because too afraid of the other half of your bed 
feeling empty. 
and i'm not talking about breathing it all in and letting all currents coming your way feed your thoughts 
and shape your ideas.

what i'm trying to say is that nobody ever got hurt by following his instinct, 
no matter if we’re talking about an unplanned roadtrip, a different taste of icecream or combining words 
that can make people around you feel good.

unapologetically be who you are, get on that goddamn plane and let the spark burn within, 
because there’s nothing better than all things spontaneous – it’s warm in here, don’t be afraid of getting hurt. 
there's always time to fix the mess once the party’s over. 
but for now, get closer to the flame, it’s a sweet torture letting this fire burn.


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