flip a coin

Little does it matter if you’re under you parents’ roof or if you just bought yourself a boat house, a jacuzzi or a bike. Little does it matter if you’re counting the cents when choosing which food to buy at the market, if you can afford a bunch of fresh flowers every Saturday or escape to the sea for a day or until you get bored.

So stop believing every word you hear, reckoning everyone’s perspective and adding that to the sum before coming to empty conclusions and compromise with everyone but yourself. And yes, it may hurt to realise that things not always go the way you pictured, building expectations like lego houses and see them crumble at the first wind blow. And it may feel like a punch in your pride to see that you’re not one’s happy thought to go back to at the end of the day, his breath of fresh air when things get too real. Because you can’t plan the direction of your tide, the weather or those late nights spent sharing your stories with strangers. You just have to go with the unexpected and shape your way from there.

What really does matter are the small details. So trust the perfume of baked bread, the sound of the trees dancing in the wind and the words of those who set your cheeks on fire. Be brave enough to find the space to sit, drink your coffee slowly and listen to what your guts suggest. And if nothing works, flip a coin. You’ll know what to do the moment you find the courage to spend some time with yourself.



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