lego blocks

Amsterdam, Spring 2017

There are few things I like to list in the morning, when the light is still too bright and there’s that moment of absurdity in the air, from not recognizing the walls around you or the sound of the alarm. The span from scratching my eyes to washing my face with cold water, combining the first clothes I find in the mess that’s my suitcase and then think of all things that make me feel at home. And they’re nothing like an address or the shape of the tiles on the roof. They’re more similar to the smell of a cream, the sound of the leaves dancing in the sunset and the idea that I can count my favourite people on my fingertips. And there are mornings that this whole little ritual makes me laugh at myself and at the tiny corners of the day I dedicate to feel anchored home in my mind. Because for however trivial or silly this may sound while typing, there’s nothing more reassuring than finding familiarity within.


Pauline, Canal Belt


And the bed I wake up in or the view outside of my window may change. And I might not know the way to work yet or still happen to get lost in the open waters of possibility every time I get out of the front door. But after a day of tip-tapping with destiny and daring with chances, the thing I like best is to go back home to these thoughts. As simple as this.

It can take the shape of a familiar voice wrapping your insecurities in words that make you feel at home, running away from all responsibilities for a few hours or indulging in something new like letting your damn door ajar for people to have a look at the real you, letting you feel again.




And who knows, maybe it’s right because of all the times you fell and got new bruises, of all those lonely nights and empty conversations that you’ll finally get the bigger picture right, rearrange your conclusions as if they were Lego blocks and make something good out of it. you just have to allow yourself the freedom of going wrong to get it right.


Red Light Jazz, Rooftop Session




  • Mook, pancakes | De Clercqstraat 34
  • Coffee and Coconuts | Ceintuurbaan 282-284
  • De Pijp, strolling around



IMG_1936 (1)
Golden light, Canal Belt



De Pijp



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