on travels, food, friends

 University of Essex, Spring 2017

We keep pretending that we do things for ourselves when in reality we keep deceiving ourselves in doing things because we feel obliged. We think we’re entitled to our parents because they provide us with everything since we are born, to our friends who keep up with us, and without whom we would be pretty lonely and miserable -let’s admit it.

We might be entitled to them, but they won’t be the ones stopping us from purchasing our goals. The thing I’ve learned over the years is that you should listen to what your heart tells you, and your intuitions, this way you’ll only have yourself to blame if it was a mistake.

We’ll always be influenced in our choices, by what people say around us, fulfilling this utopia about that Los Angeles-life, and this really good job we’ve all been dreaming about; when in reality, we have no fucking clue what job we want, or how it is like to live in LA.

The thing we tend to take for granted is the people we have surrounding us. We want everything and now, yet we don’t take the time to appreciate the now. By rushing to conclusions, we end up in the wrong place, wondering how the heck we made such a bad choice. Ashamed to take a step back, we just learn how to adapt to this situation, yet is it really the way to achieve happiness?

It’s not just about how cool a place can be, or how well a university can be ranked, it’s more about what’s best for you. I guess we all aspire to have this perfect life, without having a worry in the world, except that it’s not that easy. We imagine others have a better life than ours, we keep envying what they have. But then, our decisions aren’t really based on what we want, but more on aiming for that perfect Instagram-life.

We tend to look up to what others think; especially at 20, when we have no fucking clue where our life is heading to, we want someone to tell us which way to go. Except that all those people advising you aren’t you, and they can’t know what’s the right choice to make. The only person in the right position to make those decisions is you.

I guess the easiest path is to rely on other people making decisions for yourself, because at least you won’t be blaming yourself for that stupid mistake. Yet, let me tell you that there’s nothing worse than not being able to control our destiny. We’re always influenced by every decision we’ll make; why would you give up that little control you’ve got over your life?

What about living for yourself only, and the people you love? If you don’t know where to go, chill and take a second to think about your next move. Where’s the rush anyways? You’ve got all your life ahead of you, don’t you?

We’re always running as if every second ticking was one chance missed to grab your life for a better destination. I guess when we’re young, you’ve got to learn to be patient, and that each step forward is a step closer towards your goal. Even if you’ve got no idea what the goal is, at least you’re heading towards it.

There is a time for everything in life, and if today is not the day you’ll sort your shit out, it might be tomorrow.

I’ve been to some places, and the most important thing you need to feel home somewhere is this special person who’s going to make you feel home. It’s never about the place, it’s about the people. It’s about not feeling lonely. This person doesn’t have to be a lover, it could be a random stranger you happen to share a cappuccino with, talking about travelling. The place you’re living in might be crappy as hell, yet as long as you’ve got this person to share your deepest shit, to laugh until your stomach ache, to travel randomly to places, you’ll feel good wherever you go.

I believe that life is about the people you meet, and how they impact on you. You’re not going to be able to befriend everyone, yet be grateful for the ones who stick around, they’re precious, and they make you, who you are.

So here’s to the people we’ve met, here’s to the ones we haven’t met yet, here’s to the blank pages of our lives, may they be filled with travels, food, and most importantly, friends.

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