rough waters

England, Spring 2017

Waters can get rough once you leave your safelight.

And I’m not talking about the thought of bonding yourself to an office most of the hours you spend awake, or the idea that you’ll have to settle and read bills and accept terms. I’m talking about the part that nobody talks about. The fact that leaving is exciting, but it’s scary. And starting a life from scratch – no matter how long it took you to settle in your port or how many familiar faces you can count before running out of memories in the place you’ve been calling home -, leaving blows those bricks away and you have to roll up your sleeves and hold your feet tight to earth and start to build your new days, all over.
And it’s terrifying to know that there’s no one to ask for a coffee once you land, or to drown your thought with when things start to crumble or someone to call when the lights go off and you feel the bed feels too big.

And it’s a sacrifice you have to make, and it’s a compromise you have to draw with these open waters of freedom you’ve got at the bow.
But there’s something so irresistible in not knowing where the flow may lead you.

So get comfortable in this unsteady piece of wood that’s your body and let the wind set the rhythm. Waters can get rough once you leave your safelight, are you ready to cuff your jeans and your lungs full of fresh air ?

And your hair may get salty,
And your mind will wonder the direction
but don’t think too much,
you’ll find someone
who’ll be happy
to untie your nods.

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