dive deep

Unwind your feelings,

Falling in the deepest of vanities,

Ignoring inconsistent rustles.

Perpetual strain in your ear,

Like the wind caressing your thoughts.

A tender smile for a brusque instant,

An insisting encounter of eyes,

Under a sky full of hopes.

The night the stars met,

Sparkling over a rainbow.

Obscureness of the abysses,

Enchanting hidden fears.

The cards are set to gamble.

Fooling no-one except yourself, yet

Betting on everyone’s fate.

Accustomed to the taste of bitterness,

Hazardous joy filled with liquor and fog.

Obstinately desiring the unloved,

Fading away from the places we knew,

Stubbornly wearing a grin on your mask.

Hint of what was once yours,

Reminder of a dull life

Constantly haunted by failures.

Afraid of what could be,

Dive deep.

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