midnight thought

Pauline, May 2017

Don’t you ever get tired of listening to the rain pouring?

Don’t you ever get tired of listening to meaningless speeches or trusting disloyal minds? Everything surrounding you being an illusion. Don’t you ever think that we all see things with a different perspective? We all have shit going on in our lives, yet we don’t take the time to look up and breathe in the now. Are we that scared of embracing the moment? As if stopping for a minute and contemplating our past mistakes and where it  got us in life would be like a slap in the face. Failures shouldn’t be stained into our skin; but scars to remind us what path to take.

Paris, Spring 2017

After twenty years of existence, I’ve come up with the conclusion that humans are stubborn creatures. Your mind is too fucked up to even try and understand what the world really has to offer. You wake up one day wanting something so bad that it’s just all you think about, yet the next day it’s far gone from your mind. You know you hate iced latte, yet you always go for it. You know you always go for the wrong guy, yet it doesn’t stop you from always committing the same stupid mistake.

We created a society based on appearances, consumerism and corporations. It’s all about what you look like, and what makes you, you. The reality is that we keep judging others, and we can’t really help it. But isn’t it a way of reassuring ourselves that some are worse than us, and allowing us to get our beauty sleep at night. No wonder some of us get mind-ill trying to keep up with societal standards and expectations. Think about it, is it really worth it? Are you going to be happy focusing on what others think about you?

The truth is that we’re always looking for others’ approval, even unconsciously; prioritising what they think of us, instead of figuring out what’s good for you. It’s more like we’re living for the sake of the others, and not for our own happiness. We tend to share our deepest shit to strangers, creating bonds with people like sewing our way into the society. We don’t take the time to look around and talk to strangers without judging, or having preconceptions. Who are we to judge anyways? We are in no position to judge anyone.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take your guts and not give a shit about looks, but focus on what the person’s worth? At the end of the day, it’s you with yourself alone, and if your inner self is filled with emptiness, there’s not much to save.

Stop thinking too much about shit like what others might think of you, and have the confidence to believe in yourself. A guy didn’t text you back? Stop blaming yourself. You think you’re fat? Stop looking at your flaws, you’re beautiful inside out. You keep doubting yourself in everything you do in life? Take a step back, and look at everything you’ve accomplished without comparing yourself to others, be proud of it, and keep going.

London, Winter 2017
Stockholm, Winter 2017

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