london // silhouettes, shoe soles and improvisation

Do you ever feel trapped – the air getting thick every breath, the streets and the silhouette of the faces walking by so familiar you could draw them eyes-shut? Do you ever have the feeling of something missing, like before closing the door behind you in the morning and quickly making a list of all important things you can’t forget like the car keys and the phone charger and the sample of perfume that reminds you of that trip to the sea and you think you got it all but every damn time you question if you haven’t forgot something?

Because when all seems to crumble under the sole of your shoes, when the sun goes down and you cut a moment to sum up your days and how life is treating you and all other ideas that come to you in the most inappropriate moments – like when you’re on the bus and miss your stop or when you’re revising for an exam at night and have to put them in a memo for later, saving them like the chocolate after coffee – well, if you like me sometimes feel like all is slipping from your palms, just keep a tiny thing in mind, one simple thought that I know for sure works. Give yourself some time and grab the idea that all is temporary, all this flow of moments of long hours sitting on an uncomfortable chair and bad weather and small talks when circumstances become inevitable, all is transitional and there’s nothing more relieving than grabbing this idea and sticking with it like people do with a premeditated plan. Better than a sip of coke when your stomach is spinning or a glass of wine when reality kicks in.
So stop stressing over books that you don’t like, saying yes to people you don’t want to go for a drink with, kissing mouths to clean your mind from the idea your taste is too difficult and eating wholemeal because that’s flavour of the month. And please, stop postponing your projects and the places you spend hours daydreaming of, anticipating happy endings of movies you don’t fancy watching or reading books just because. Stop thinking you’re not worth a shot, your ideas being dull and not being one of the few who can make it. Because there’s nobody who knows what’s best for that random combination of brain and heart of yours than you.

Brick Lane, Spring

So get up from that uncomfortable chair, point your finger on the map and let your dancing feet lead the way.

What’s it that scares you the most? Is it the unknown, black water below the blurred picture of your feet, the blank space of a new page to write, starting a new life from scratch, from where you left it after years of building and adjusting and chamfering?

Little does it matter if you fall in love with strangers passing by on their bike or are lucky enough to meet the apple of your eye on the bus back home. For what it’s worth, you’ve got this. And I might be in no position to suggest what’s better or worse, if you should buy that sweatshirt or save up the money for your next trip to Paris, if you should follow your guts or just sit this circumstance through and find the appropriate balance between the potential good and immoral – but who is your tiny circle of trusted human beings to say what’s best for you if not you?

All I’m trying to say here is that nobody but you knows when you should trust your impulse, follow the flow or just sit on the riverside and wait before taking your net back to land and feel pleased with what you got?
So get on your feet and follow the beat this wild night plays, because even if the dish of the day isn’t your favourite, since you’re here you might as well have a bite, right?

Now, if you may excuse me, I’ve got a road trip to plan, coffee to drink and my laid back approach to life to water – improvisation is my favourite spice to add to my days and always will be. After all, I’ve never been good at sticking to plans.

@oficine56, London
House of Vans, London

A few little corners to wander around the city

  • House of Vans – graffiti
  • Aubaine – croissants, coffee and orange jam
  • Neal’s Yard – pastel colored walls and organic things

Also, check out @oficine56 for design clutches and a bunch of pretty things coming up soon

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