amsterdam | on improvisation, getting lost and found

I’m not quite sure if it’s because of the weather messing around with my days, of the lack of sleep or the compensation with caffeine, but improvisation seems to be flavor of the month and there’s nothing more exciting than not knowing what’s there at the next corner you turn.
I’ve been living in Amsterdam for the past three weeks and the city is treating me well enough to make me feel at my ease in my new routine of tram rides, life lessons and wine as goodnight kiss. No, not everything comes easy and yes, I’m working hard to shape my life, to make it as similar as I can to how I dream it. Everything comes with a price, but if you’re stubborn enough to try and make things work then you’re already half way there.
I was talking to a friend the other night – and maybe it was the red wine or maybe it was the fresh air at the end of our working day, but it felt as if the wall of sweet-talk and other trivialities cracked and we slip into the deepest thoughts we’ve been silently watering inside us. Leaving home isn’t the comfortable path to take, nor it has reference points you’ll recognize along the way, but it’s not so bad to allow yourself to go with the flow, to take a deep breath and a chance. And yes, you might get hurt and end up with some new bruises to add to your collection, but since you’re here you might as well dance, right?
All this rumbling to say that even if you don’t have a plan all set up, if you find it hard to make the smallest of decisions like combining your clothes in the morning and what to have for dinner like I do, well you just have to take things less seriously and just arrange your hours as well as you can, rearranging here and adjusting there. And there will be handfuls of moments that’ll make you feel uncomfortable, faces you’ll not consider familiar anymore and all other variables that spice things up. Just make sure you shake it well and take a long sip of what’s coming at you, the view may be different from what you expected but just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy it.
Now excuse me but i have my grocery shopping to get done, clothes to fold and tomorrow to plan.

Here’s a list of corners I happened to find while getting lost around:

  • The Pelican Studio, nice bunches of clothes and design
  • Miss Saigon, Vietnamese food
  • Rituals, all perfumed creams you don’t need but will buy anyway

4 thoughts on “amsterdam | on improvisation, getting lost and found”

  1. I was hoping to visit Amsterdam and actually just to live and work abroad. I love reading this post 🙂 I like what you said as well about it not being the most comfortable route, but it’s good to go with the flow.


  2. I visited Amsterdam years ago and fell in love. I always hope that I will have the chance to spend there a small part of my life 🙂 and your post made me nostalgic about the city, ahh.


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