like water for ideas

There’s a weird light shed on absence, A sort of intriguing masochism moving your days in this constant crave for finding yourself, your place in the world, a meaning to your days. But what if this morbid hunger was nothing but a mere distraction from the bigger picture, from real things you miss along the… Continue reading like water for ideas

midnight thought

Pauline, May 2017 Don’t you ever get tired of listening to the rain pouring? Don’t you ever get tired of listening to meaningless speeches or trusting disloyal minds? Everything surrounding you being an illusion. Don’t you ever think that we all see things with a different perspective? We all have shit going on in our lives,… Continue reading midnight thought

london // silhouettes, shoe soles and improvisation

Do you ever feel trapped – the air getting thick every breath, the streets and the silhouette of the faces walking by so familiar you could draw them eyes-shut? Do you ever have the feeling of something missing, like before closing the door behind you in the morning and quickly making a list of all… Continue reading london // silhouettes, shoe soles and improvisation

amsterdam | on improvisation, getting lost and found

I'm not quite sure if it's because of the weather messing around with my days, of the lack of sleep or the compensation with caffeine, but improvisation seems to be flavor of the month and there's nothing more exciting than not knowing what's there at the next corner you turn. I've been living in Amsterdam… Continue reading amsterdam | on improvisation, getting lost and found