Little does it matter where you’re headed as long as you go at it.

So give yourself some time, sit in front of a blank page and doodle your thoughts, what you like, what keeps you rolling and things will start taking a shape on their own. All you need is to pause for a while and listen to your forehead.
I spent the past few days on and off trains  and car rides and napping in between concerts and improvised meals, but nothing makes me any happier than experimenting. So I traveled half the country for a concert of a group discovered the week before. I ended up having a croissant in the middle of the night with strangers and then driving through borders and staring at the landscapes moving out of the window. I had dinner with judges, students with a pastime as waiters, jazz musicians and doctors and nothing seemed as natural as the combination of the most different human beings at the same table talking about life through their eyes. I spent halves of hours looking at the sun setting the sky on fire when everything around was left still, time not touching a thing for a while, as if the whole world was holding its breath. I’ve been walking thousands of steps, studied abandoned houses as works of art, climbed hundreds of stairs and talked a bunch of different languages and projects and let people around listen and shape and teach me how the world goes from their perspective. I let the salty air tangle my hair and as my gran used to say, breathed out all poison making your smile look undecided and breathed in a flow of freshness. So let your hair dance in the wind, you’ll find someone who’ll be happy to help you untie those knots.

Little does it matter where you come from and at what pace you’re going as long as you keep on trying

And your feet may hurt and your eyes feel tired but the bests thing you can gift yourself is to keep on rolling.

Little, nice corners of randomness:

  • Zadera (minimal apartments)
  • Bruschetta (fine food, good taste for interior design)

Walk around or get on a boat, you’ll find all others

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