unroot and water again

Amsterdam | April, 2017 It is said that once you set free from the roots chaining you to a place, then everything else will follow. Sure, not all will turn out to be long sunsets and open bars - but if you're ready to experiment a bit, you'll realize how much there's out there to be… Continue reading unroot and water again

it’s all about choices, isn’t it?

It’s not always easy to make choices, you keep asking yourself if you’re doing the right thing or not, and you can’t really know for sure until you took the shot and can’t go back. Back when I was a kid, I heard multiple times adults say “stop complaining, you’re just a kid without a… Continue reading it’s all about choices, isn’t it?

The aftermath of bullshit motives

Yourself Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think of all the things you’ve accomplished so far? It can be easier to put yourself down comparing your achievements to others’ than being proud of yourself but only for you, not because you did it better than someone else. Do you ever wonder… Continue reading The aftermath of bullshit motives

all things are fickle when your room is naked and the shoes are tied

I've spent the past two weeks packing and folding in the most approximate way and sitting on suitcases to close them and unpacking and unfolding and dusting off things I've been collecting for the past few years and then looked at all I had and all it was were a couple heavy boxes filled with… Continue reading all things are fickle when your room is naked and the shoes are tied

shit happens

Do you ever feel like sometimes life is a joke? You know, those moments when everything seems to go the wrong way and you start wondering if it’s because of something you’ve done, or if it’s just that your karma is in a bad mood. Everyone’s life can be tough, not all the time, not every… Continue reading shit happens

zadar // keep on Rolling

Little does it matter where you're headed as long as you go at it. So give yourself some time, sit in front of a blank page and doodle your thoughts, what you like, what keeps you rolling and things will start taking a shape on their own. All you need is to pause for a… Continue reading zadar // keep on Rolling