toulouse // la ville rose and a great thought on happiness

I wouldn’t define myself a religious person, but I do believe that some random causes and effects influence the way our lives are shaped. I used to think that being superstitious was a form of ignorance. I still think this way, but I can’t help putting some things I can’t explain in the hands of karma.

On the road to the French Alps, our car happened to go on the wrong way of the road. We were right after a turn, and cars couldn’t see that we weren’t going the right way. Sometimes, luck is just the only plausible thing that can explain why you’re still alive. It can just take one minute for you to lose everything you have and only then you realize how lucky you were. Be grateful for what you have and stop blaming yourself for whatever bullshit happens to you, because putting the blame on someone or even yourself won’t erase what’s done and sometimes things happen for reasons you can’t really explain.

rue des lois.jpg
Rue des Lois | Toulouse, France

It doesn’t take much to appreciate what you do, what you believe in, and what makes you, you. Of course, you’ll never stop comparing yourself to others, and asking yourself why you don’t have this perfect Kardashian’s butt, or those Victoria Secret legs and abs to die for. Still, it’s something you have to work on every day. If you’re among those who put others down to feel better about yourself, – why bother? It definitely isn’t the solution, trust me. If you’re among those who see negativity in everything around them, what’s the point? Being depressed 24H/7? Where is it going to get you? Nowhere.

The more you think about things, the more disillusioned you’ll get. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after twenty years of existence is that overthinking won’t get you anywhere. It’ll start with a simple “oh what the fuck did I just do?” to a “why do I even exist?”. Take a chill pill. Grab a beer. Listen to some Reggaeton. Do something you enjoy doing. Am I giving you the key to happiness? Probably not. But don’t think that being happy consists of having no worries in the world, because you will never reach peace with yourself. Just keep in mind that being happy is a pretty simple state of mind to achieve. It might be watching a soccer game, hanging out with friends, or skiing. Happiness is being surrounded by the right people, somewhere you feel at peace, doing what you love. Is it that complex? Still, people write whole books about how to find happiness as if it was that tough to achieve.

I’ve given happiness a great thought. If you’re unhappy in one place, you might want to try and live somewhere else. Sure moving won’t make your problems disappear, but going from grey and cold England to the warmth of Spain won’t hurt your soul. That’s what I did a couple of days ago. I took a trip to Toulouse, the so-called Ville Rrose.

la daurade
La Daurade | Toulouse, France

I must admit I was quite surprised by the beauty of this small city. I wasn’t expecting the people, the atmosphere and the architecture to be that nice. I highly recommend you to visit it and wander those Venetian-like streets, visit the place of the Capitole or the Jacobin Church.

This quick stop in la Ville Rose got me thinking about friendships. As human beings, we can’t really live without others. Whether you’re one to have so many around you that you’ve lost track or one who counts them on one hand, you’re still dependent on others. As I would call it, is this “accompanied loneliness” selfish? Yes. I mean the whole point of having friends is for oneself to stop feeling so lonely, to get distracted from our own issues.

Why are we so desperate for company? We are persuaded to live for ourselves and for however a self-centered thought, we can’t live alone. Still, we spend most of our time thinking about our own self every single day, what we’ll do, what we’ll read, for who we’ll vote. We live in a society which makes us think that we’re always surrounded by others without even considering their thoughts, their beliefs, their actions. We’re blind. Have you ever stopped for a second and wondered what the person sitting next to you in the bus is thinking about? The truth is we don’t give a shit and you’d rather care about some so-called friends who don’t really care about you in return. The advice from me to you is to stop being deluded, stop living in your comfort zone, open your eyes to the world, to the people around you. In a world suffering from diseases, famines and wars, compassion and caring is a good start. I’m not asking you to take off to Somalia to save lives by bringing food there, but simply start to think about those suffering instead of thinking about your own soul.

Stop waiting for people to come to you, do it if you want it.

Stop giving a shit about people who don’t deserve any of your attention. Others need it more than them.

Here are some spots I would recommend if you happen to be in Toulouse:

  • La Fabrique6 place du Peyrou, 31000 Toulouse
  • Brolenda28 rue Joseph Lakanal, 31000 Toulouse
  • Simple40 rue des Lois, 31000 Toulouse
  • Le Café des Artistes13 place de la Daurade, 31000 Toulouse

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