stockholm // 48 hours

Pauline and Francesca | Stockholm, February 2017 On a midweek day, we decided to take off to Stockholm, as simple as that.     10 hours, two buses, one plane and a Mexican lunch later, we arrived at our hostel and left our backpacks before getting lost in the city. This was our main activity, randomly wandering… Continue reading stockholm // 48 hours

a frank experiment on instagram

After spending the past few months trying to figure out why the hell the whole world is hypnotised by every outfit Chiara Ferragni wears and how many times she indulges in eating celery and drinking dairy-free cappuccinos, I came to the conclusion that a blogger’s life may look good but is exhausting. And before saying… Continue reading a frank experiment on instagram

brazil // on solo traveling, hostels and finding the guts

It might have been the thought of new adventures, spicing my life up, the excitement of meeting new people, getting to live in another culture, or maybe it was just a way of challenging myself. When looking back, I don't know how I had the guts to do it, I don’t know what motivated me.… Continue reading brazil // on solo traveling, hostels and finding the guts

How waiting at the bus stop can change your perspective

I was waiting for the bus this morning – god knows who invented the idea that public transports are on time in the U.K.. I was waiting and I saw a kid sitting right next to me. He looked nervous, as if something was bugging him from within. He suddenly stood up, turned around and… Continue reading How waiting at the bus stop can change your perspective

how to turn your days upside-down

It’s not really a matter of leaving some footprints behind you, change the flow of the world and stubbornly spend your days trying and shaping the fraction of future in your power. We are guests in this nomadic and illogical ground, we own things produced by precise hands of unknown crafters from the four corners… Continue reading how to turn your days upside-down