3 Steps to Embrace Your Helplessness or Suck it Up and Keep Rowing

It is said that pain in life is quite inevitable – no matter how much you can afford to spend on tequila on a night out or how little doses of small pleasures your morality allows you to indulge in.

Pain, problems and all sorts of almost broken toes from stumbling in the night because too lazy to turn the light on are there and most probably will never leave, they will just keep on changing with your own self. You can’t really oppose to this never ending wave of obstacles and hurting toes or heart – which tend to hurt pretty much the same way. But here’s what to do in case you forgot at home your “how to survive another day without breaking the bon-ton and spreading swear words like honey on toast”:

  1. Suck it up

Just leave this idea of revolutionizing the whole globe with your new anti-pain way of life; just suck it and cross your fingers for the problems to come to be nice. Trying to fight pain back will be like trying to fit in the jeans you fit in before Christmas – pointless.

2. Go with the flow

When it hits you, let it hit you hard, let it remind your of your emotional limits, psychological ups and downs and bodily proportions (I too often tend to forget them and end up with a wide collection of bruises and scars; that was my #1 pride as a kid and for kid I mean now when I still end up showing them off to strangers and portray heroic moments of trips I never had and sharks I never fought).

3. Don’t give it too much thought

Who cares if you’ve been crying for the past term because you don’t come back from classes to a homemade plate of lasagna or if your boss is a prick? Everyone is perpetually going through his own stuff – good or bad, nobody truly cares. So why should you?


Pain is what it is, it’s a perpetual company who’ll never deflower. At this point, you might as well shake hands, get comfortable in your seat and enjoy the rollercoaster.


Now excuse me but I’ve got a probably poor in salt pasta to eat and a nap to take.

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