alternative guide on fucks-assigning

Pauline Rocchia – U.K.

What is it that you want? A new jacket, a trip to a perpetual exotic island and not bothering about the world out there?

Once you’ve taken the tag off that new pair of shoes, the thrill will just fade away and you’ll feel exactly how you felt before spending time and lightening your wallet. This is what I’m talking about. Nobody talks about the next morning feel, I mean after having that blast, you’ll just feel like shit, regret whatever you did the night before and the euphoria you felt at the time will be replaced by a headache and emptiness.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s not by following Jay Alvarez or Alexis Ren on Instagram that your life is going to turn into a never-ending holiday with sculpted abs and perfect teeth.

It looks like life is more as surfing so many web pages simultaneously – one for the next trip you’re planning, one for your social media profiles, one for the research to quote in your next assignment, one for your university student’s union page to buy tonight’s night out ticket. We’re all doing so many things at the same time, keeping our minds busy to distract ourselves from the bigger project, forgetting to indulge in some to discover what it is that we want and what makes our hearts skip a beat.

Just take one second, what would make you happy for more than a moment?


We live in a world which coerces us to find a job we don’t want just to earn shit loads of money, or to marry because it is the morally and socially correct thing to do when you’re in love with someone. But what if there is another way? The thing that no one tells you is that nothing lasts – money, lovers, and even you. You evolve, you change, you build yourself over time. And it’s fine.

Think about what you deeply like, something you’ve always been into and have the guts to be creative and make a living out of the things that you actually love; not for the money, not for the recognition, not because everyone else is telling you. Just dive into yourself and find it.

My point is that you can do what you want, and if people judge you, fuck them. I’m tired of judgments and preconceptions. Have the guts to have your say, express what you think (but remember to keep it classy), be spontaneous. It’s not by staying in your bedroom looking at the world from your window and postponing what you want to do now to tomorrow that you will get anywhere in your life. And sometimes you just need a good kick in the ass to make it.

You want a one-night stand? Go for it. You want to go paragliding? Go for it. You want to get fit? Hit the gym, or go out for a run (the best way to get motivated to run: start by buying new gym gears, look fabulous, and get outside). You want to travel? Find a job, save up, and fucking go for it.  Don’t be afraid of challenging yourself, nothing comes easy, and nobody said it would.

You want my advice to not give a fuck? Take your car, and sing your heart out on Hotel California. Who knows where you’ll end up, who will meet. Keep in mind that you only have one shot, you might as well take a good one.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, enjoy it.








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