la plagne // surviving guide to the alps

La Plagne – Les Arcs, January 2017

Happy Easter folks! *joking*


Let’s talk about skiing or putting your feet on two wooden planks and manage not to fall. For some, skiing might sound adventurous and probably extremely hazardous.  

It is all about balance, and embracing risks. What could be the worst thing happening to you if you go down that slope? End up on your butt? Or even worst and break a leg? At the end of the day, you’ll survive. 

Morning light  – Les Arcs


If New Year’s resolutions are all about challenges and aspiring to turn into a better version of yourself, then why not give a sport a shot?

After three weeks in the French Alps, the mountain has no secret for me, and I probably have drunk too much mulled wine and Génepi (you’ve never heard of this alcohol? Sure, it’s French and delicious). 

Aiguille Rouge, 3200m

Now, let’s get down to real business: how to manage to look good in ski clothes? You can’t. Well, you will most probably end up spending a fortune on a tracksuit. But is freezing your ass off worth it? Definitely not – snowboarders are too busy looking at the slopes to even bother looking at your butt. Oh, and don’t expect to find your prince charming in the. It’s just as hard as anywhere else (depending on what you are looking for, of course). But you will not have the time to even think about getting laid, or looking good on the slopes, you’ll be too busy focusing on not crashing a beginner on the slopes, or eating that fondue you’ve been dreaming about, or sleeping at 9pm because you’re exhausted from a day skiing.

Don’t worry, Tinder works even at 2000m of altitude to keep your nights busy, you’ll only have to scroll until you find that awesome surf-boarder from an exotic-sounding place happening to be in the same bar as you, drinking a Picon-beer (new trendy drink up there). 

Me . trapped in the snow when I went out to buy some French bread – La Plagne, France

If you don’t know where to travel next, search on Google “best French ski resorts”, jump in your brand new Defender, and join us fellow skiers and snowboarders, up there in our little paradise of snow powder and nature. 

Anyways, it’s 9pm and while some are getting ready to go out clubbing, I’m wrapped up in five layers of clothes, ready to take off to bed. 


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