moon, god and promises

With the start of new moon cycles and the change of number when writing today’s date, people start to think of new promises to run full speed at.

Fully booked hairdressers, sweat-packed gyms and feng shui are all you can smell – fresh air filling your forehead, spicing your food, pushing you out of bed.

But how long is the wave of new starts going to last this year? These propositions sound so good until they will start to look far and further with days passing by, us crawling back to grey routine and dinners on the sofa staring at empty tv shows.

You want to get rid of those doughnut hips and lukewarm sex? Then stop waiting for any god or constellations or songs on the radio to give you a sign; wear your most comfortable shoes and get the hell out of the door of comfort and start breathing.
I need more coffee and some more samba songs before getting in my body-shaping leggings, pretty motivational when it comes to early morning productivity.

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