guide on finding a not-so prince charming

Pauline Rocchia - January 2017, U.K. Lately, I have been thinking about love and relationships. Why is it that so many women end up heartbroken and hopeless in love? Why can’t we just focus on ourselves instead of looking for a perpetual flirt or partner? I am definitely not an expert on the matter, but here… Continue reading guide on finding a not-so prince charming

3 Steps to embrace your helplessness or suck it up and keep rowing

It is said that pain in life is quite inevitable – no matter how much you can afford to spend on tequila on a night out or how little doses of small pleasures your morality allows you to indulge in. Pain, problems and all sorts of almost broken toes from stumbling in the night because… Continue reading 3 Steps to embrace your helplessness or suck it up and keep rowing

6 honest lessons from a student in the U.K.

Here's a short list of the lessons I've learned spending the past three years of my life as a non-economically-independent but free-spirited international student in the U.K. - between 9am classes, cheap wine and meal deals.   If you feel like it, you're free to do it It doesn't matter if it's a Tuesday or… Continue reading 6 honest lessons from a student in the U.K.

alternative guide on fucks-assigning

Pauline Rocchia - U.K. What is it that you want? A new jacket, a trip to a perpetual exotic island and not bothering about the world out there? Once you’ve taken the tag off that new pair of shoes, the thrill will just fade away and you’ll feel exactly how you felt before spending time… Continue reading alternative guide on fucks-assigning

an idea

It is said that life is that thing that happens when you’re planning your next move. Bullshit. Life’s not a mere thing you can easily stick labels on, choose between yes or no, call good or bad. Life’s an idea, the sensational feel you get when you seek what you’re blindly driven toward, the blind… Continue reading an idea

la plagne // surviving guide to the alps

La Plagne - Les Arcs, January 2017 Happy Easter folks! *joking*   Let’s talk about skiing or putting your feet on two wooden planks and manage not to fall. For some, skiing might sound adventurous and probably extremely hazardous.   It is all about balance, and embracing risks. What could be the worst thing happening to… Continue reading la plagne // surviving guide to the alps

moon, god and promises

With the start of new moon cycles and the change of number when writing today's date, people start to think of new promises to run full speed at. Fully booked hairdressers, sweat-packed gyms and feng shui are all you can smell - fresh air filling your forehead, spicing your food, pushing you out of bed.… Continue reading moon, god and promises