Christmas Rhymes with Cinicism

Christmas is that comfortable feeling of spending your days in awful pyjamas and drinking mulled wine to keep your blood warm. It is closing your eyes while walking in front of homeless people with purple lips, covering your ears when you hear the sound of neighbours casually attacking strangers with religious tastes different from theirs, going to Church that one time a year to keep your heart at peace because it’s not your fault if you were born this lucky – with $700 worth phone as new game for the next few months, double bed to stretch in the morning and animal skin to wrap yourself in.

Christmas is the nicest time of the year as long as you’ve got a roof to keep you safe from bombs and some million followers to watch your travel photos with sculpted butted girls and 6-packed new friends.


Sorry for the rawness, here’s some tips for this Holiday’s must-have’s – all fashion bloggers and the few other people that matter agree on this:

Burgundy lipsticks are so 2015, you should probably get a lace choker for your sweetheart, I mean at least if you want her to stay until New Year’s Eve.


See you under the mistletoe – if you make it out alive of course.

Merry Christmas

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