wee and swim

I must admit, randomness is my biggest passion and past time.

From having lunch at 5pm to see 50-year-olds dying their hair in pastel colours, kids learning how to roll cigarettes on the street and people talking about casual sex. And the fact that our parents’ generation tried to teach us how to behave, religion promising hell and flames to bad people, the same people deciding what is the latest hot topic and where to spend your next holidays if you want to get popular on social media. People recording themselves in their backyard, whistling worlds piled on a basic sound getting more money than doctors, organic fruit being more expensive than gin and the sound of people sniffing next-door to where you’re peeing.

Oh, the world is unfair and wrong and rottening from within, but we’re all in the same rubbish, at this point we might as well learn how to stay afloat in it and enjoy the swim.

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