wee and swim

I must admit, randomness is my biggest passion and past time. From having lunch at 5pm to see 50-year-olds dying their hair in pastel colours, kids learning how to roll cigarettes on the street and people talking about casual sex. And the fact that our parents' generation tried to teach us how to behave, religion… Continue reading wee and swim

check please 

November 2016, English Days There aren't many things I can say I'm sure of, and I certainly won't be the one person pretending I've got the truth in my hands. But if there's something I'm pretty confident about is that if you want something - a year off routine to figure out what's next, a… Continue reading check please 

andalusìa // hurting feet and chai latte

Córdoba | November 2016 It may be because my feet hurt or because I've been eating too many tapas and chai lattes, but spending handfuls of money on traveling always ends up being a good idea. Uphill walkings and hostel's dirty sheets included. Because at the end of it - that melancholic moment you sit… Continue reading andalusìa // hurting feet and chai latte

bad luck, horoscopes and backpacks

To kiss a stranger is in any way stranger than sleeping with the same person for handfuls of years. Excellent compromise between real life - made of misfortunes and horoscopes that still attempt to convince you you'll bump into the right person, you just have to turn the corner - and the bubble I made my… Continue reading bad luck, horoscopes and backpacks


I wonder if it's because I've never felt butterflies in my stomach, my head spinning at the sight of another human being and my eternal effort to procrastinate feelings, but I don't understand this unnatural need for perfectly matching someone else, also called love, but who am I to say. This constant search for the… Continue reading omelets

bus-seat thinking

U.K. Days | November 2016 I was sitting in one of those never-on-time buses and staring out of the window realized how I can't cope with bad weather, the wind getting to your bones and the tasteless food. I often find myself wondering where I'll be walking next year, what my breakfast will be and… Continue reading bus-seat thinking