home from home

What difference does it make if they like v-neck t-shirts or dress their pasta with ketchup? Nor it bothers if they are cat-people or wear furs, if they are vegans or meat-lovers, if they complain about the wind and don't like your shoes. It doesn't matter if they like boys, older women or if they… Continue reading home from home

shipping costs

University Days, U.K. Maybe, instead of buying another pair of shoes, redecorate my bedroom for the second time in this month, kissing strangers or booking flights and wearing my pajamas with a jumper on it pretending my sex appeal is still okay, I should focus on something concrete, on something good. One of those things that… Continue reading shipping costs


Brixton, London | October 2016 If you wake up and feel the need to cut a glimmer in your routine of faces, change the taste of your breakfast and the combination of colors you wear - indulge in unbeaten paths, cut your hair and try a new restaurant; buy a new pair of sneakers, a cup of… Continue reading getaway