to leave home

To leave home is good,

Change direction like the wind, follow your indecisions. Set free from your roots – even if only for a handful of days – is what makes us human, no matter if your hair is gray or bluntly, if your bones are fragile or if your head is well tied to your body.

Leave home and let your soul breathe, even if you get to see your reflection in the flow of dirty water, even if you stumble on roofless houses and too subtle bodies. And there’s nothing better than this to make you feel you belong in something real – even if the price to pay is being thrown to this rawness we feed the world with.

But this is not a good reason to close your eyes into your palms and only let the light and happy endings in. You ought to open them wide open, to tear down the walls built between your comfort zone and what’s hiding around the corner, listen to stories that don’t belong to us and tell them; because handing down stories of distant lands is like following the texture of a thread – and at the end of this walk all the stories are sewed together and don’t feel so distant after all.


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