Do you remember that moment when everyone around you started collecting something? Postcards, memories, stickers.

Well, I have never had one. I have never had the patience to wait for the waves to leave shells in front of my bare feet and pick them up, nor to build symmetrical lego houses.

So I decided to start writing. Not because I am particularly good at it, nor because I have exciting stories to tell, but because my literary doodles will be my collection, my secret corner to shut myself in when the sky is too grey, when I cannot fall asleep, when my feet hurt after a long walk. A challenge to myself, to see how long it will take me to get bored with noting down ideas, the details I spot in people walking in front of the kitchen-window or the songs stuck in my head.

This will be my first collection, a necklace of thoughts that blur my head while having a hot shower, while sipping cheap wine from the bottle. This will be a necklace of thoughts, and you are welcome to read me if it makes you feel like you are standing in front of the mirror, like you see your reflection in these tiny, little pearls of smoggy ideas.


Avete presente quel momento in cui tutti i bambini cominciano a collezionare qualcosa?

Ecco, io non ho mai posseduto una collezione, né di conchiglie, né di biglie, né di lego. Non avevo la pazienza di aspettare che le onde mi lasciassero delle conchiglie ai piedi, o di impilare case simmetriche di lego. Quindi ho deciso di iniziare a scrivere. Non per ostentare, non perché io sia la miglior scrittrice al mondo, né che abbia storie particolarmente emozionanti da raccontare, ma sarà la mia collezione. Una specie di sfida con me stessa per vedere quanto mi ci vorrà ad annoiarmi di annotare idee di passaggio o immagini viste dalla finestra.

Sarà la mia collezione di pensieri. Uno dietro l’altro, come perle in un filo.

2 Replies to “Pearls”

  1. Well done! I really like your style (the English version being even better than the Italian one!) and I’m looking forward to reading a new pearl!


  2. the smell of an old book is just the first step of a wonderful surprise: the old prints and photos… The handwritten notes by the previous owners … A forgotten postcard inside … A faded ex libris … It’s always a fascinating experience!


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