the aftertaste of spontaneous things

And little does it matter if these freedoms are as small as wearing sneakers, last minute trips, letting some swear words slip out of my mouth or going with the flow of fantasies that are not talked at fancy aperitifs on rooftops.


There’s something about imperfections, an allure in things left incomplete, doodles without meaning. There's a song that often gets stuck in my head and I often find myself whistling it on the stairs on early mornings. It says 'be what you be in all that you are' and for however trivial it may sound, and …

words for me

The advice I can give you is to stop thinking too much, focus on what you like about yourself, and stop being harsh on others the same way you’re hard on yourself. I know you’re afraid of what others think because they might judge, but who cares? Think beautiful, act beautiful.

Banana bread

I’m no expert in the matter of solid relations and long-term matters, but there are a couple things I’ve learnt by going wrong. And these may sound trivial – like extracts taken from motivational books with an old cover -, but they’re something good to keep tight to when things get too real. And what I’ve learnt is that all things are a mess, you just have to learn where to hide them.

Lego blocks

Amsterdam, Spring 2017 There are few things I like to list in the morning, when the light is still too bright and there’s that moment of absurdity in the air, from not recognizing the walls around you or the sound of the alarm. The span from scratching my eyes to washing my face with cold …

Rough waters

England, Spring 2017 Waters can get rough once you leave your safelight. And I’m not talking about the thought of bonding yourself to an office most of the hours you spend awake, or the idea that you’ll have to settle and read bills and accept terms. I’m talking about the part that nobody talks about. …

Dive deep

Obstinately desiring the unloved, Fading away from the places we knew, Stubbornly wearing a grin on your mask.

Like water for ideas

There’s a weird light shed on absence, A sort of intriguing masochism moving your days in this constant crave for finding yourself, your place in the world, a meaning to your days. But what if this morbid hunger was nothing but a mere distraction from the bigger picture, from real things you miss along the …

Midnight thought

Pauline, May 2017 Don’t you ever get tired of listening to the rain pouring? Don’t you ever get tired of listening to meaningless speeches or trusting disloyal minds? Everything surrounding you being an illusion. Don’t you ever think that we all see things with a different perspective? We all have shit going on in our lives, …